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Green Grins is an advocate for environment sustainability. Through our engagement work with the local communities,

we aim to reach our goal of raising awareness and encouraging more people to play their part, no matter how small, to create a better environment for our future.

James Lee, Founder

Carbon pollution has reached a critical point.

Data science reveals the damage.

The key to reversing the damage is to restore Earth’s delicate balance.

We weren’t concerned until we understood the real danger. Discover why it matters to us!

Green Grin’s part to play.

We play our part by providing consumers with an alternative solution to combat to high Carbon emissions in the agriculture industry. With the development of The Grin Family, families all over the world now have the opportunity to enjoy fresh and organic home-grown vegetables from anywhere in the world. Our customers love it because it is affordable and simple to get started – The Grin Family takes away all the guess work in growing.

We use only recyclable materials and up to 40% of our products come from recycled materials.


Green Grins is constantly innovating in our product development and aims to reach 100% sustainable materials in our products and packaging.

Our ultimate goal is to achieve net-zero carbon emissions in our daily business operations and products by 2030.

We are proudly partnered with 1% for the Planet. An organisation that seeks to increase the percentage of philanthropic donations going to the environment. 1% for the Planet represents a global network of businesses, individuals and environmental partners tackling our planet's most pressing environmental issues and we are committing to 1% of our sales proceeds as part of our mission. Learn more about 1% for the Planet.

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