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5 Reasons Why Grin Family Makes A Great Gift

Still cracking your head to find a great and meaningful gift for someone important in your life? With Green Grins, your gift is not only practical but also helps to create a more sustainable world to live in. Check out 5 reasons why Grin Family hydroponic system makes a great gift for anyone on your list!

1. It’s Age-friendly

Grin Family is a user-friendly, fun, and sustainable gift that anyone would love! The hydroponic system doesn’t require much maintenance or care, which makes it so easy for young children, seniors, or even foreign domestic helpers to start growing their own food at home right away. Plus, the plants grown are so delightful and beautiful to look at!

2. It’s Great for the Mind, Body & Soul

Besides being pleasing to the eye, greenery also contributes to people's mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Allocating a private “ME-corner” for gardening at home helps to relax and calm your mind after a long day of work. Watching live plants grow resiliently and change daily distracts you from negativity and gives hope in life. Not forgetting the many health benefits of living in green spaces.

3. It Grows A Relationship

Placing a bright and tall gadget with lush greenery growing in your living space is hard for anyone to miss. It is a great conversation starter with your family and house guests. What makes it even more joyful is that you’ll always have excess harvest to share with your neighbours, friends and colleagues. What a fresh and tasty treat to gift around!

4. It’s Sustainable

You can’t go wrong with a gift that’s sustainable, and Green Grins is just that. We understand how much waste is generated from each new purchase. Therefore, we use only recyclable materials in making our products and minimum but sufficient packaging to protect and ship out your orders with care. We have also strategically partnered with last- mile delivery partners to achieve carbon neutral shipping.

5. It’s A Gift That Pass It On

When you purchase a Grin Family hydroponic system from us, we contribute part of our sale proceeds to our various tree planting projects in helping to restore and protect forestation near to us. Find out more about our Grins Movement and understand how you can be part of it. So be it it’s for birthday, anniversary, housewarming, Christmas & New Year or even Father’s & Mother’s Day, there is always a valid reason to add a Grin Family Hydroponic System into every homes as one of the common daily household appliances that everyone can enjoy every day.


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